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Client: Cranfield University      Project: Outdoor media advertising

Inspired by Newton’s third law, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, this advertising campaign for a Cranfield MSc course hit the right tone from the off. The image of a Newton’s cradle finished off the concept nicely.

Client: Cranfield University    &nb

Client: Humphries Kirk      Project: Magazine advertisement

The theme was, “We put ourselves in your shoes”. As a solicitor they can only give best advice based on an intimate knowledge of each client and their individual circumstances. A line up of shoes, minimal text and acres of white space created a simple but suitably intriguing advert.

Client: Humphries Kirk      Pr

Client: Ageas Bowl      Project: Station Posters

Designed to put viewer right in the centre of the action, studio photography was skilfully combined with location shots to create this dramatic image depicting the power and the excitement of Twenty20 Cricket.

Client: Ageas Bowl      Projec

Client: Jones Lang LaSalle      Project: Magazine advertisement

When your house is worth several million, you don’t go to an estate agent for valuations, you go to a company that specialises in specialist properties. JLL place a full page ad in a magazine, all about property in Sandbanks in Poole. The title cleverly tells the story.

Client: Jones Lang LaSalle     

Client: Moneybarn      Project: 48 sheet outdoor media

The message was, if you find yourself in the sub-prime car market it can be really complicated to buy a car but Moneybarn can keep the process simple. We dressed Barney the owl in super hero costume and created a humorous but extremely affective ad.

Client: Moneybarn      Project