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Client: Information Arts      Project: Data suggests

The campaign was designed to highlight the fact that raw data, without any background knowledge, is potentially as useless as not having any data at all. The jumbled up car is great visual example of data in its raw form.

Client: Information Arts     

Client: Aster Homes      Project: Wellbridge Meadows commuter posters

Only a few minutes’ walk from the railway station at Wool in Dorset, Wellbridge Meadows is an easy commute by train. The station poster campaign was essentially a “Wish you were here?” featuring commuters’ current location in relation to the Wool station.

Client: Aster Homes      Proje

Client: NHS      Project:  “Say Yes” Quit smoking media campaign

Designed to convey choice, the viewer is persuaded that he or she should take the right path and stop smoking. The supporting text gives a number of very good reasons why they should and the design easily lends itself to all types of literature and animated online campaigns.

Client: NHS      Project:  

Client: Paris Smith      Project: Mini cars

Created for the promotion of the charity premier of the The Italian Job. The movie was followed by dinner at the Saints Stadium and for the menu, we photographed toy minis hurtling past pepper grinders and jumping over breadsticks.

Client: Paris Smith      Proje

Client: Southampton Football Club      Project: Membership Pack

Every design project starts with scamp sheets and mood boards to establish what can be achieved within budget. In this case the Saints’ membership pack featured unique DVDs, membership cards and badges encased a stunning collector’s item box.

Client: Southampton Football Club   &nbs