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Client: Fizz      Project: The importance of hydration

It was important that customers understood the importance of hydration in their beauty regime. In-store graphics were complemented by give-away branded water bottles and more than 5,000 customers left the store with a new appreciation of the beauty benefits of water.

Client: Fizz      Project: The

Client: Fizz      Project: Modular exhibition takes promotions to the people

A promotion for every season. The stand was eye-catching, economical and modular, with graphics that transformed the sales theme to suit the season. Customers sampled products from the module and picked up money off coupons to redeem when they purchased in store.

Client: Fizz      Project: Mod

Client: Fizz      Project: Everyday Takeaway

With food prices and the cost of traditional takeaways on the rise, a well-known supermarket wanted to offer a pocket-friendly alternative. “Everyday Takeaway” was the answer. Italian, Chinese, Indian or American - customers could create their own and take them home.

Client: Fizz      Project: Eve

Client: Fizz      Project: Making a wish for more natural ingredients

The campaign created an awareness of product choice and the effect on the environment. Customers were encouraged to make a wish for the planet and could win an Australian adventure to discover how only natural ingredients are used in the company’s products.

Client: Fizz      Project: Mak

Client: Fizz      Project: In-store champagne tasting event

Team members offered customers VIP invitations to the special tasting bar where specially designed graphics told the story of Champagne and the processes that make it so special. Customers literally bought into the event and sales increased by more than 250%.

Client: Fizz      Project: In-