Creative Design Agency, Hampshire, UK | Illustrations

Client: Southampton University      Project: Alzheimer’s protein spiral

CGI illustration to illustrate the cumulative effect of various proteins in Alzheimer’s research. Created for a seminar, the aim was to make it look like something out of science fiction movie, although the illustration is all based on scientific fact.

Client: Southampton University    &

Clients: Perception  |  Moneybarn      Projects: Menu illustration  |  Architect Barney

The first is a lovely pencil illustration for a special menu of champagne and seafood, featuring a rather tipsy crayfish hanging out of a champagne flute. The second is Barney the owl dressed as an architect, complete with hardhat, hi-vis jacket and a very large pencil.

Clients: Perception  |  Moneybarn  

Client: Orchard Homes      Project: Holt Court

Created for the Holt Court development in Romsey, this was a stunning, large format, coffee table publication. Created from the architect’s plans and carefully rendered in watercolour and gouache, it’s simply beautiful.

Client: Orchard Homes      Pro

Client: Orchard Homes      Project: CGI Building Illustrations

Flat 2D plans can only tell part of the story. What a sales brochure really needs is illustrations that “sell”. These 3D CGIs, complete with artwork on the walls and a study stacked with books, give the viewer a real taste of what living in one of these home might be like.

Client: Orchard Homes      Pro

Client: Café Rouge      Project: Sports relief placemat game

The brief was to create a placemat game that would help raise awareness of the Sports Relief campaign. The result was similar to snakes and ladders but with a suitably French theme. The winner of the game was the first to slime their way across the finish line.

Client: Café Rouge      Proje