Creative Design Agency, Hampshire, UK | Photography

Client: Kenwood      Project: Multipro Excel packaging

Photographing pre-production units ready for the packing boxes is never an easy task, especially when the front knob design was altered part way through the project. Technically superb photography, some very clever CGI work and extensive photoshop retouching made the end result look simple to achieve.

Client: Kenwood      Project:

Client: Ouch! Bags      Project: Brochure

Combining detailed close up shots with beautifully illustrative product shots and the occasional staged model shot too. Every season had a different vibe but was always very much “Ouch!” All shot in the studio with very clean, crisp, clear lighting, the images are also designed to be used by distributors and independent retailers.

Client: Ouch! Bags      Projec

Client: Humphries Kirk      Project: Brochure

A number of photographic techniques were used, each one designed to illustrate a particular customer and their business activity. A toy shop owner in Dorchester and a beauty technician in Bournemouth were just two.

Client: Humphries Kirk      Pr

Client: Moosie Soaps      Project: Brochure

All photographed using only natural light. Delicate ferns and other natural items used to create each picture were simply picked from the garden and held in shot. It goes to show that you don’t always have to hire studios and agonise over lighting and f-stops to achieve great results.

Client: Moosie Soaps      Proj

Client: Nite Watches      Project: Brochure

The key feature of every Nite watch is the GTLS lamps, which illuminate the hands and the hour markings. The key benefit is the wearer can quickly and easily see the time at night. The best way to illustrate this is to show the watch during the day and at night. They say a picture is worth a thousand words - this image proves it.

Client: Nite Watches      Proj