Creative Design Agency, Hampshire, UK | Photoshop

Client: Nite Watches      Project: Adventure fishing ad

The Anglerfish was created entirely in Photoshop from found “stuff” (including sabres for the teeth). The comparison between the glowing bioluminescence of the fish and the GTLS lights in the watch is obvious. The advertisement ran in Adventure Fishing magazine.

Client: Nite Watches      Proj

Client: SWAG Jewellery      Project: Union Jack

Created for the client in celebration of the Queen’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee, this stunning Photoshop illustration features more than 200 painstakingly placed diamonds and jewels.

Client: SWAG Jewellery      Pr

Client: Radian Group      Project: Infographics

Drawn in Illustrator and finished in Photoshop, translucent infographics float in space. The design is part of a series created for a suite of tenant handbooks for a client in the social housing sector.

Client: Radian Group      Proj

Client: Ageas Bowl      Project: Membership pack literature

“Cricketers emerge like mighty titans from the rock’s core ready to engage in battle”. That was the theory anyway and it worked pretty well. The imagery became the focus for the season’s campaign literature.

Client:  Ageas Bowl       Proj

Client: Eastern Arts      Project: Beauty treatment brochure

Combining positive and negative photography and skillful photoshop techniques, we wanted create imagery that looked like an x-ray. An invitation to a champagne party takes on a new perspective when a zip is introduced into the image.

Client: Eastern Arts      Proj