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Some of the recent output from our design studio, spanning a wide range of media. We update this section regularly, so check back soon for more examples of our design work.

Recent creative design and artworking projects from our design studio and marketing agency in Romsey, Hampshire near Southampton UK

Client: Paris Smith      Project: Mayflower Theatre programme advertising

Paris Smith are one of the Mayflower Theatre’s main sponsors and every season we create a new full page ad for them which reflects something of the feel of each particular time of the year and draws comparisons between the season and the appropriate legal offering. Above we feature summer, autumn, and winter imagery from 2015 and this year’s spring 2016 illustration.

Client: Moneybarn      Project: Light Industrial Vehicle (LIV) advertising

Moneybarn recently extended its portfolio of vehicle finance products by offering finance on Light Industrial Vehicles. The awareness campaign ran in national motor vehicle titles and targeted all business sectors and company profiles. There’s no doubt that Moneybarn must be doing something extremely well because they’ve just been awarded Motor Finance Company of the Year for 2016.

Client: Nettleship Sawyer      Project: Link House property brochure

Link house is an iconic building close to Poole Quay in Dorset. The brief was to create a marketing brochure that would stimulate interest in letting the entire third floor. At the time of writing it’s under offer. As in the majority of these commercial property projects we organised the photography, sourced appropriate aerial shots and designed and printed the brochure.

Client: Foreman Homes      Project: Sidbury Meadows residential development brochure

At the beginning of 2016 we designed and printed the brochure for Phase One of Foreman Homes’ Sidbury Meadows development. In less than 3 months of marketing that phase of the development every property was either sold or reserved and so we have just created the brochure for Phase Two. Fingers crossed that this phase sells equally well.

Client: BCD Travel      Project: Move Magazine

The first issue of this regular publication focused on anticipated global travel trends for 2016. We created a cover which combined a crystal ball with a globe and had aircraft traversing the skies. As with previous magazines, Cedar was supplied with the text and the adverts and we designed, created, printed and delivered the final version to BCD’s HQ in London.

Client: Goadsby      Project: One Lansdowne Plaza site boards

Faithfully following the style of the brochure and website, which we created, the next step was to style the site boards. A large CGI illustration of the building, pertinent information and the link to the website ( was all that was required and it works very nicely.

Client: Hellier Langston      Project:The Solent Centre Website

This website is effectively a refresh of an original site. The design and photography is all new but we had to keep a number of the site’s original features, including a 360 degree tour of the The Solent Centre park.

Client: WDS      Project: Vendor Pack

Created as a one-stop-shop containing all the information a vendor could want if they decided to undertake any experiential marketing within a COSTCO store. The pack consisted of a number of booklets contained in a specially designed folder. The booklets were digitally printed to ensure that the client can keep the books up to date quickly and inexpensively.

Client: Fizz Experience      Project: “Fizz Man”

Originally created for the Fizz Experience staff handbook, the “Fizz Man” has been used many times in numerous instances since. The circular orange face was lifted from the Fizz logo and a simple pair of white gloved hands enables us to use the image in any number of situations. Here we have ‘personal hygiene’ and ‘champagne celebrations’.

Client: Humphries Kirk      Project: Private & Business Client brochure

An unusual publication in that the private client and business client parts of the business have been combined into one publication. Flipping the document over gives each side its own front cover. The brochures can sit next to each other in a display rack but it’s essentially the same document. Metallic inks, matt laminate and a spot UV varnish ensure the brochure looks and feels exceptional.

Client: Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)      Project: Signage brand guidelines

A little while ago we created the marketing brochure for a soon-to-be-built development called the North Dorset Business Park. As that build is almost complete Cedar were asked to design the brand guidelines for all the park’s signage. Colourways and typography were covered, as were direction and totem signage - we even covered off how individual company signage should be used on the various buildings to ensure a continuity of brand style.

Client: Kinney Green      Project: Electronic Christmas Card

The selected design of a number submitted to the client. Kinney Green is a property consultancy in London. We created a number of Christmas present boxes in various shapes and sizes and arranged them to look like a city skyline. We then embossed the boxes, wrapped them in Kinney Green green bows and added swing tags to create a simple but extremely effective image.

Client: Goadsby      Project: One Vision Lansdowne website

Incorporating a stunning fly-through of the proposed developments, this Cedar designed and built website is fully dynamic and matches the design of all the other marketing elements beautifully.

Client: Statistical Data Company      Project: Wearable Tech Infographics

Marketing statistics can be pretty dry but the creative use of cleverly designed infographics can really bring that information to life. By extracting the most pertinent data and combining it with icons and beautifully executed line drawings, potentially dull information makes sense in a real-world context and the most important thing? Readers remember the information.